Live Calls Network Reviews the Benefits of Pay Per Call Marketing Strategies

Live Calls Networks speaks to the value that pay per call marketing strategies can have for businesses that are looking to expand the impact of their digital marketing efforts. Phone calls stand out as one of the most valuable conversions driven by digital marketing campaigns, with 84% of marketers reporting that phone calls have higher conversion rates with larger order values when compared to other forms of engagement. Here, Live Calls Network reviews some of the benefits of pay per call marketing strategies and how businesses can use pay per call in their repertoire to drive more customers, higher profits, and increase their return on investment.

Quality Control and Fraud Protection

One point of concern for marketers across different industries is the quality of leads received through their campaigns. After all, a positive ROI depends on high quality leads that have reasonable conversions, and unvetted leads can be immensely damaging to returns. When Live Call Network reviews pay per call marketing strategies and their effectiveness for campaigns, they find that adding phone calls to a business’s marketing repertoire can drastically increase lead quality for several reasons. One reason is because phone calls are naturally higher quality leads because callers have a high buyer intent when compared to other methods of reaching out.

Customers that call in are also much more likely to purchase, spending more money because they can speak with a representative for one-on-one assistance. Pay per call marketing provides quality control that helps companies only receive the type of calls that they prefer. Quality criteria and filters help ensure that companies can avoid junk calls and wasting resources along the way.

Helps Maximize Valuable Leads

Pay per call remains an efficient way to capture a mobile audience and maximize valuable leads. In the time that it may take a mobile customer to complete a landing page, there are multiple obstacles that may arise along the way. A potential customer may forget that they have filled out a form requesting a call or may even decide that they do not want to be contacted after the lead form has been completed. Pay per call strategies help maximize leads by getting them to call in quickly without wasting time on strategies that do not capitalize on their attention right away. Actively driving phone calls means that business can connect with their mobile audience in real-time, increasing their odds of securing a sale. Phone calls have a conversion rate of 30-50% versus 1-2% for clicks, and part of the magic has to do with phone calls giving businesses the opportunity to talk business before the potential customer loses interest.

Offers Superior Targeting

When Live Calls Network reviews the potential ad placement that drive inbound calls to create wholistic marketing campaigns, they source publishers from several online and offline channels to get the job done. LCN uses search, social media, online display, blogs, email, online portals, directories, print, radio, and even tv and radio ads to get targeted results to help businesses increase their ROI and expand. Many people that are new to pay per call marketing are surprised to learn how productive and scalable the medium is with especially if the ad network has deep industry experience in the markets they serve. Criteria such as health conditions, insurance, case type, home value, loan amount, budget, income, interests, age, gender, geo, marital status, etc. are simple to filter for and can give marketers a clear picture of their target audience. By utilizing systems such as Integrated Voice Response (IVR), content screening, agent screening, and call quality control, LCN further ensures delivery of highly targeted calls. Narrowing down a company’s target audience is an important step in the process of receiving higher quality leads, and high-quality leads are much more likely to convert into sales.

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