Live Calls Network Reviews

The CEO and Founder of Live Calls Network (LCN), Stan Burns has helped many large inbound-call center businesses in several different industries with their performance-marketing needs. Live Calls Network reviews their marketing efforts constantly to scan all aspects of their media placements to determine the most effective channels to drive quality inbound calls to their clients. Whether your business is in the healthcare industry, financial services or the legal sector, Stan Burns has an extensive track record of producing high-end direct response success.

One of the reasons Live Calls Network reviews their marketing efforts constantly is that the company, which is a proven leader in performance-based advertising, is designed to be held highly accountable for client results. In other words, pay per call (inbound-call marketing) is utilized so that the clients of Stan Burns and LCN only pay when their marketing campaigns are successful. Fees are determined based on the number of calls generated via the different call-ad campaigns produced by LCN.

Stan Burns has a clear vision on how to bring superior results based on sales generation (not lead generation by itself) through next generation ad-technology and proprietary, well-honed strategies and techniques. With consumers utilizing their smart devices for just about everything they do, it only makes sense to reach out to customers on their mobile phones or tablets. The Live Calls Network commitment is that their clients will receive:

  • Better Quality Leads
  • Higher Sales Conversions
  • Superior Analytics and Tracking
  • Quality Control
  • Consistent Feedback and High Responsiveness 
  • And Much More

And their publishers will receive:

  • Higher Converting Campaigns
  • Higher Earnings per Call
  • Fast and Timely Payouts
  • Campaign Consistency and little to No Starts and Stops
  • Highly Responsiveness Support Team  

Live Calls Network reviews different marketing forms because success can come from several different outlets online. The team may choose to utilize:

  • Paid Search Ads
  • SEO Ads
  • Paid Social Media Ads
  • Native / Display Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Video / YouTube Ads
  • Offline Media such as TV, Radio and Print Ads
  • And Much More

Live Calls Network has been performing in the digital marketing space for more than 20 years. Stan Burns is proud to have a team who understands what methodologies to leverage and how quickly an ad needs to be shifted based on results. The team is committed to trying new placements / sources and testing every method possible to get the best possible results for their clients. It is what makes working with Live Calls Network so unique. They become an extension of the business and work as hard to generate high quality inbound-calls for their clients as they would for themselves. When the customer succeeds it creates a perpetual renewal stream for both partners, the combined team succeeds. It is just that simple.

Get to Know Stan Burns

Stan Burns is the CEO and Founder of Live Calls Network. It was his vision to build a new agency that would thrive based on the high-end results they provide for their clients. That vision has allowed Burns to enjoy a successful career as a CEO for over two decades. Before deciding to break off and build the company that perfectly met his vision, Burns worked for AT&T, where he quickly earned different honors in national sales and marketing. In the late 90’s, Burns was one of the pioneers of online financial lead generation. His experience has allowed him to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of new marketing tactics as they grew in popularity.

The world of lead generation and new customer acquisition is constantly evolving. Live Calls Network reviews their campaigns constantly because that is what it takes to stay ahead-of-the-curve. If certain ads are falling flat, it is time to examine why that is and quickly shift budgets to other channels that yield more effective results. There is always a way to generate higher quality inbound-calls and achieve superior results. Stan Burns has always kept that focus and it is a sentiment shared by the entire team at Live Calls Network.

This website will serve as a great place for Stan Burns and Live Calls Network to share insights on the industry at large. Be sure to come back often as Live Calls Network reviews everything from the hottest platforms in pay-per-call marketing to the hottest trends that work best in each industry that LCN serves.